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Damiana Guerra: She win her first literary competition when she was sixteen years old beginning a collaboration with web magazine "Kult underground". She study teatehr with Gian Luca Righetti from Teatri dell'Era and then, in 2012, with Claudio Calafiore from Faber Artis company that produce her first dramas: "Germinga" in 2012, "Nella cattiva sorte" in 2014 and "Bancomàt" in 2015. Now she is collaborating with Nogu Teatro in Rome, and is publishing on Krapp's Last Post magazine. In 2019 her last drama "Eva" debut in Teatrosophia in Rome.

Antonio La Camera: His short films have been screened at over 100 international and national festivals including the British Film Institute "Future Film Festival" (UK), "Braunschweig Film Festival" (Germany), "Ischia Film Festival" (Italy), "Fabriano Film Fest "(Italy), Al-Nahj International Shortfilm Festival (Iraq)," CinemAmbiente - Enrivomental Film Festival "(Italy)," Terre di Cinema - International Cinematographers Days "(Italy) and was among the authors of Italian short films that represented Italy at the "RIFF - Russia-Italy Film Festival" (Russia). He has won important awards such as the award for best director awarded by the "Pázmány Film Festival" organized by the Italian Cultural Institute of Budapest and the prize for the best international short film at the Turkish festival "Hak-İş Short Film Festival".

Felicia Buonomo: She was born in Desio (MB) in 1980. After graduating in International Economy, in 2007 began his journalistic career, mainly dealing with human rights. In 2011 he won the"TV Award for investigative journalism Roberto Morrione - Ilaria Alpi Award", with the video-investigation "Mani Pulite 2.0". Some of her foreign video reports have been broadcast by Rai3 and RaiNews24. Publish the essay "Pasolini Profeta" (Mucchi Editore). In 2020 publish the book “I bambini spaccapietre. L'infanzia negata in Benin "(Aut Aut Edizioni), book report about exploitation of child labor in the construction industry. She also carried out journalistic activities as film criticism, for online magazines such as "Quarto Potere" and "Effetto Notte". In parallel, she pursues a literary activity. Some of her poems have been published in magazines and literary blogs, such as Atelier Poesia, IrisNews, ClanDestino Rivista, Limes Lettere, Versante Rapido.

Sara Bevilacqua: Graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Art of Calabria, she continued the training course by participating in numerous stages of theater, dance, poetry and singing. She has also participated in three internships of international importance at the Academy of Warsaw Dramatic Art. Recent works: "Il Misantropo" (Prod. Factory trans Adriatic company, direction Tonio De Nitto) "Bluebird Bukownski" (Prod. Teatri di Bari, directed by Licia Lanera), "Butterflies" (Prod. Animalenta, directed by Ilaria Cangialosi), "The Imaginary Ill" (Prod. Teatri Di Bari, directed by Teresa Ludovico), the award-winning show "Furie de sanghe" (directed by Licia Lanera - Parallel fibers theater project ETI New creativity). She founded the Meridiani Perduti company and oversaw production management: "I'll be right back", "Revolution" and "Italian Prisoner I am" (dramaturgy by
Emiliano Poddi), of the theatrical shorts "Salvatore mio!" and of "Wound" (winner of the Sardinia Short Award 2010). Since 2013 she has collaborated with the IO DONNA association Brindisi Anti - violence Center conducting theatrical workshops against
gender violence (The Monologues of the Vagina, Emotional Creatures). In the cinema she has worked with Sergio Rubini in LA TERRA, Pippo Mezzapesa in LA GIORNATA, My name is LEDA, Luca Miniero in COPS - A BAND OF POLICEMAN, Paola Crescenzo in FAULT and Sara Scalera in IN BRACCIO ALLA CORRENTE. Since 2019 she collaborates on the Giravolta project within the
Brindisi District House with the choreographer Vito Alfarano and the Filmmaker Mimmo Greco.

Emilia Martinelli:  Born in Naples in 1974, director and author, storyteller in the field of cultural heritage enhancement, theater teacher and DanceAbility, educator. She is dedicated to investigating and developing the function of art as a tool for education and social and cultural inclusion.
The work of the author, whether it is theater, video, publications, always starts from field research, from in-depth interviews, from listening to stories. She works among theaters, non-profit organizations, schools, private companies, as a trainer, consultant. She has also worked in “borderline” contexts such as prisons, reception centers, disadvantaged areas, women victims of violence, minors at risk. She is the artistic director of the company out of context and of the Roman Festival "Fuori Posto" of theater, dance, site specific performance, now in its eighth edition. She regularly collaborates with the Brancaccio Theater and with the Teatro di Roma, she supervises the direction of shows for various Roman companies. She also supervised the direction of some short films.
Between 2010 and 2011 she also directed the Social Street Art Festival, the first breakdance festival in Rome. In 2015 she published the book “Al di là dei frutti”, the result of a research among the merchants of the Esquiline Market, published by Iacobelli Editore. She choreographed two commercials produced by Rai in 2016.

Marco Mogetta:   Roman, born in 1978. Graduated in Filmology and specialized in subject and screenplay, he began to work in cinema, journalism and comics. He finds independence as an independent bookseller and as a trainer in storytelling for public and private entities. He has a blog on Il Fatto Quotidiano Online (https://www.ilfattoquotidiano.it/blog/mmogetta/) on which he deals with medium and small publishing, with particular attention to children and teenagers. Is the author of "Il segreto deiDioscuri", a historical / fantastic novel published in 2020 by Bookabook.